When we created the idea of a competition for primary school children to design two new gargoyles for the Cathedral I hadn’t thought we would get such an amazing response. We have received over 1000 entries from schools across North Yorkshire and all the drawings are fantastic showing great creativity and artistic flare.

All the entries are now on display in the Cathedral and if I ever see sticky hooks again it will be too soon. 4000 sticky hooks to fix up the entries was a lot, that and the paper cuts and arguments with the scissors and my hands are very glad they are now all up.

The entries will be whittled down to the 10 finalists on May 5th after which a public vote will decide the two winners. The judges will have a big task to pick those final 10.

Do come along to the Cathedral to see all the entries and to vote for the winners.

Work on the north east corner is progressing well with lots of areas with new pointing and now new stones going in as well. We are also looking to use the scaffolding to take the opportunity of putting up a nesting box for peregrines. We have a suitable corner that will provide the right spot and so a box will hopefully go up this summer for a pair to find over the winter.