During the August Summer holidays the cathedral ran family days on the first three Thursdays of the month which were led by Moira Siara of the Cathedral’s Education Department. The days are designed with families and children in mind and are free of charge. The tower crossing became the hub of activity with tables, chairs and craft materials for people to use. Amongst the craft activities there were bookmarks to make as well as bishops, sheep and Celtic crosses. The theme of the days were based on Matthew 4:18-19 with the calling of the disciples and the words of Jesus that instead of catching fish they would now be fishers of people. Moira brought in a net and a picture of a boat which was placed on a display board. Everyone was invited to make a fish and put in in the net. There are very nearly one hundred fish in the net! Together with the crafts families went on a treasure hunt around the Cathedral and those who completed the trail were rewarded with a cathedral sticker and some sweets. Refreshments were provided and a few members of the congregation came and did some knitting. The days were very well received and successful. The best day was the middle Thursday when the rain drove people in – indeed Joe said the day was ‘buzzin’!

You can see the fruits of the days on the display boards in the north transept. A verger, who will remain nameless, decided that the boat should be crewed and put photos of the Cathedral clergy in the boat. Some people didn’t realise that it was a boat (sorry Moira) and
thought it amongst other things a hot tub and a basket. I did contemplate doing a ‘caption competition’ for the clergy in the boat – but thought better of it!!

A big ‘thank you’ to Moira, her helpers and the vergers who helped enable the days to run smoothly and successfully.

Canon Barry