On Monday the 27th of July a party of 14 Children and their adult helpers were hosted by the Cathedral.Children from Chernobyl (16 of 60)

The 14 Children that arrived at the Cathedral on a soggy Monday morning were visitors from the area around Chernobyl in Ukraine.

Back in 1986 the reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded sending radioactive dust up into the atmosphere polluting massive areas of both the Ukraine and Belarus.  This explosion has left both the areas and the people with long lasting health problems and huge build ups of Radiation.

The charity Chernobly Children’s Lifeline seeks to bring child victims of the disaster to the UK for a period of 4 weeks which is not only fun but very beneficial to their health.  For the children this trip will remove 65-95% of the radiation that has built up in the children’s bodies. so enabling them to hopefully live a longer life.

As part of their visit to the UK, the children where treated to a trip to the Cathedral.  This trip which was funded through the generosity of the Rotary Club of Cleveland, enabled the children to have a tour of the cathedral.Canon Elizabeth, showed the Children how Christian’s learn about the Bible and that they celebrate a special meal called Communion.

A delicious lunch was served by lovely volunteers in the Cathedral hall and then the afternoon was spent at Ripon Workhouse Museum where the children learnt about the life that existed inside the Victorian Workhouse.  Here they learnt about, what a Victorian school was like, how the laundry was done and how bread was made.

Children from Chernobyl (35 of 60)


It was a great day and a brilliant way for the Cathedral to be outward looking by helping a group of children from a country thousands of miles away.