The project to repair the stone work is now completed. The scaffolding is down and this corner of the Cathedral is on show again. The last couple of weeks has seen a flurry of activity.

sick woman 23.11The last gargoyle arrived and was winched up into place. She is a sick woman and takes her place on the wall next to the bat.

handrails 23.11New handrails arrived and have been installed at the north door, they look particularly fine and are much more sturdy than the previous wooden one.

Finally the scaffolding all came down and the last thing to go was the hoarding around the site revealing the corner in all its glory.

It has been an exciting project to be part of, the skills of the craftsmen, from the metal workers, the stone carvers and especially the stone masons who have been working on site throughout the project, in all weathers, have been amazing to see. So my thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to make this a success. This mediaeval corner of the cathedral is now ready for the next one hundred years.