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Cathedral Community Connections

What is C3?

C3 – or Cathedral Community Connections – is about practical action. It is about caring – about giving – of time, money and material goods – and it is about raising awareness.

It is made up of members of the cathedral congregation working under the direction of the Parochial Church Council and its aim is to demonstrate Ripon Cathedral’s commitment in building God’s Kingdom through prayer and deed.

It partners the Salvation Army; Ripon City of Sanctuary – which offers support and help to refugees; the Ripon based charity Dementia Forward and Jennyruth Workshops, Ripon Community Link and The Walled Garden in the work these organisations do with the disadvantaged in our society and with those with learning difficulties.

It also works closely with Harrogate Borough Council seeking to improve social inclusion and employment opportunities within the Ripon area.

Dean John said: “It is clear that Jesus, following his own example, sent his church into the world in service. This involves sharing his good news in both word and deed. I am delighted with how the work of C3 is developing and am grateful to those people who are working hard to extend the cathedral’s mission in ways that help to support and transform the lives of others.”

C3 member Anne-Marie Tarter added:: “Jesus said love your neighbour as yourself. When we are wrapped up wth our own problems the best thing that we can do is to reach out and help someone else because it puts our problems into perspective – and we get back far more than we give.”

The group meets four times a year with other activities being co-ordinated by email and phone. If you are interested in being on the committee or being added to a list of willing volunteers to help with events and activities throughout the year please contact Anne-Marie at [email protected]

cathedral-community-connectionsOne example of the way in which we work with our partners was a recent collection of clothing that we ran on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers supported by our partners at the Ripon City of Sanctuary. Once we had collected a large amount of clothing, we joined up with another of partners at Jennyruth Workshops, a charity working with people with Learning Disabilities, to deliver the clothing to refugee drop-in centres in Wakefield and Hull. A wonderful example of partners working with partners !