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The governing body of the Cathedral is made up of three parts; The Chapter, The Council and the College of Canons.


The Chapter is made up of 9 people both clergy and lay, with the Dean as the chair. They are responsible for the operational and strategic management of the Cathedral and all it does. To help them with this various committee report into Chapter each with a different area of responsibility.


The Council is made up of 23 people who use the skills of their diverse membership to provide support and guidance to the Cathedral and acts as a critical friend. They support the Chapter in delivering the strategy and hold it to account for its performance. The chair of the Council is Judith Donovan, CBE.


The College of Canons is made up of the Deans, Residentiary Canons and all other Canons from the three Cathedrals within the diocese. They work together to support the Cathedrals and provide a key point of communication between them and across the diocese.

The Cathedral is required by law to have two other committees, The Finance Committee and the Fabric Advisory Committee. Both bring together a range of people who support the Cathedral in giving their specialist advise to guide the Cathedral forward. The Fabric Advisory Committee also act as our planning advisors when we are considering any changes to the Cathedral or the surrounding area.