A croaky hello from Comms – who found themselves hardly able to communicate at all this week without having a coughing fit – which sent anyone with whom they were trying to communicate running for cover…

We were pleased that last week at least four regional papers ran the story of the guide for visually impaired visitors being written by our welcomer Tom Oates (who himself has just 20% vision) and locally the Gazette ran a piece about Canon Ailsa’s first sermon co-inciding with a national initiative to get women in the pulpit last Sunday (the 25th anniversary of the momentous vote in favour of women’s ordination!) It was accompanied by a lovely picture from Joe. This week’s edition features the work on our bells!

Both Joe and Michelle have been very much taken this week with the story prepared for us by our lovely volunteer journalist Tony Whiting on Lt Ingleby Stuart Jefferson, the youngest submarine commander in World War 1 – and his great boyhood friend Lt Hanley Hutchinson (included in this newsletter…)

It was lovely to meet members of their families today as they joined in commemorative prayers, led by Dean John, to mark the centenary of Lt Jefferson’s death – (his friend died a short time later on the Somme.) The stories that unfolded as we spoke to family members and continued our research were both fascinating and poignant. A longer version will go on our website later.

We also remembered the effort and sacrifice of over seven million women in World War Two this week as we welcomed the Raise Your Hats organisation on Friday – with their collection of beautiful ‘floral hats’. The works of art were arranged by Ripon Cathedral Flower Guild and will remain on display until July 29 – along with thank you letters to those whose contributions were often unrecognised and unrecorded at the time.