Hello again from comms! This week our content has had a musical theme with articles on this summer’s organ recitals and – at the request of one of the local papers – the planned work to enhance some of our bells – which apparently are not ringing with quite the accuracy that our team of ringers would like!

Joe and Michelle have been helped out by our friend Tony Whiting, a very experienced journalist who has volunteered to help us write some of the many stories our cathedral has to tell. Look out for Tony’s fascinating piece on the youngest submarine commander in WW1, who was just 24 when he was killed as his sub was torpedoed. We’ll be publishing it next week when his family will say commemorative prayers at the memorial in the nave.

Prayers were held on Monday in the Chapel of St Mary Magdalen, one of the smaller foundations under the cathedral’s care. Joe visited during compline, which was led by Canon Paul. Over 20 parishioners were present for compline, filling the pews, with standing room only for Joe! Speaking afterwards, Anne-Marie Tartar declared the day of silent prayer as ‘something totally different’.

“I’ve been on silent retreats but sharing the silence with 20 others, all deep in prayer, was very special. Silent prayer is difficult, the mind wanders and you need to use energy to bring yourself back. It was a beautiful day,” she said.

Efforts are underway at St Mary Magdalen’s to fundraise for urgent restoration works. Joe has been working with Revd. Jackie Fox – they have busily designing the chapel a new website – stmarymagdalenripon.org – you can check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Also this week we continued our research on a piece to support the work that is done in the field of education and Michelle joined primary school children from Sharow who were taken on a tour by Canon Barry. She learned several important lessons including the danger of letting a bunch of six year olds your have your name… “Barry!” “Barry… BARRY!” echoed around the cathedral as our inquisitive visitors conversed with our lovely canon! The children wanted their lunch as soon as they arrived (10.15 am!) but were happily distracted by a trip down into the crypt… We hope they enjoyed their visit!