Greetings from the fledgling Cathedral Communications Team, currently very well caffeinated and with a rare minute or two of spare time! We are hoping to bring you weekly updates of our meetings with the good people of Ripon and, in particular, its cathedral.

Thus far, we have settled into a routine consisting of Michelle writing content and releases on a Monday (even though everyone else seems to have a day off and nobody is ever available for comment!) and Joe working on some element of the website or editing photos from the weekend before. However, this week saw a role reversal as Joe attempted a story about heritage volunteers and Michelle sent her first tweet welcoming our new curate!

Yesterday (Monday), we met with Canon Barry to discuss ways of increasing our engagement with primary schools and today, we recorded a short interview with Canon Paul about Cathedral at Night (although this was recorded in his dining room – ft. a beautiful shrine to the Virgin Mary). We are particularly looking forward to the rare holding of a Eucharist in the Saxon Crypt. Canon Paul reckons you can fit 40 people into the crypt, though Michelle, with her claustrophobia, won’t be one of them!

We are particularly excited about working on the cathedral’s education offer and celebrating the unique heritage of our building. Whilst a precious resource, it only remains relevant through exploration and explanation to each fresh generation. Today, the cathedral has hosted several hundred primary school children and this point has been made particularly poignant. Dan, Wendy and Caitlin explored themes of Loving, Living, Learning, tying in well with the Diocesan tagline. Sadly, we couldn’t get the photographs we wanted as we didn’t fancy sorting all those permission forms out – we’ll get our thinking caps on about this one.

If you have a good story or something you think we should be celebrating, you can always email [email protected] or [email protected]

See you next week!