If you have been past the Cathedral lately you will have noticed that a large section of scaffolding has come down leaving just the middle section behind. We are waiting for the last of the three gargoyles to arrive and go up before we can take it all down.

gargoyle 01.11What this has revealed is the new gargoyle on the corner in all his splendour. When you look up close you can see the curls in his fur under his tummy and the claws he is holding onto the wall of the cathedral with. He is just beautiful. His design follows that of the one that was there as the old stone showed clear evidence of the carving. It just goes to show the mediaeval ancestors of today’s stone masons had a very vivid imagination, and the skill in carving these animals remains just as strong today as back then.

The project is coming towards the end and we are completely the last items. We have put new stone at the north transept entrance and levelled up the old ones and a new handrail will be arriving this coming week. The area around the door has been repointed and a lead sill has been put above it to help protect it from the rain. We had hoped to conserve the capitals on the columns that surround the doorway but the grant we got didn’t quite stretch that far so it will have to wait for funding at a later date.

We hope the last gargoyle will be coming in the next week or so and then the whole corner can be revealed.

For those of you who are wondering what is happening on the west front we were lucky enough to get another grant from the WWI memorial fund and some money from the Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust and so we are carrying out repairs to various windows around the Cathedral. One of the windows on the west front was in urgent need of repair and was unlikely to survive another windy winter so has gone to a conservator’s studio to be repaired and hopefully will be back soon. The conservator will then be in working on various windows around the Cathedral replacing the lead and mending the broken sections. If you are around the Cathedral you might see him at work.