Distinctive is an informal meeting of thirty to forty fellow travellers trying to figure out together what it means to be a Christian in North Yorkshire in the 21st century. Jesus says, “The tree is known by its fruit.” So how can we make sure our fruit is distinctive?

We meet in the cathedral at 5.30pm for an hour one Sunday a month over tea or coffee and cakes. There is worship, prayer and interactive discussion. It’s a place where all people and all contributions are welcomed, not least because we recognise that there isn’t usually a single right answer.

At the moment, we’re working our way through the Lord’s Prayer which has sparked off some fascinating conversations, for example about when God’s will is done as heaven touches earth

Come and be inspired. Everyone is extremely welcome.

Future meetings (all Sundays at 5.30pm):

21 January Give us this day our daily bread
What is our daily bread?
18 February Forgive us our trespasses
Why do we need to be forgiven?
18 March As we forgive those who trespass against us
Why do we need to forgive?
15 April Lead us not into temptation
How can we avoid the pitfalls of modern living?
20 May Deliver us from evil
What is evil and how does it influence us?
17 June Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory
If it’s all God’s, what have we got to do with it?
15 July For ever and ever, amen.
How long? Forever is a very long time!