At the start of the project I knew that there were different types of stone, for example sand stone, lime stone and granite among many others but I didn’t realise just how different the same type of stone could be. As a natural product it can vary enormously and I suppose that is one of the things that makes it so beautiful but also rather challenging. This came into focus the other day when the piece of stone for the third gargoyle arrived at the yard. It is still  limestone but it has come from a different quarry to ensure we get the size and quality in the time line we have. This piece of stone arrived and is a more orangey yellow than the yellowy white of the other lime stone. It has just come out of the ground so will lighten up as it dries out so the colour difference will not actually be that much especially when looking at it from the ground. This stone has now gone off to the carver to be turned into a ‘sick woman’.

Gargoyle c  Update  2 v2


The other two gargoyles are coming along a treat. This one is to replace the gargoyle on the corner of the north east transept on the wall above the Mother’s Union Chapel. In this picture you can see how the carver is working from the drawing and also he has made a clay version of the head to help him.

This design is taken directly from the one that was there originally as there was clear evidence of the carving remaining. I’m not sure what beast it is supposed to be but it certainly fulfils the brief to be scary to remind people of evil.

progressbat 071This gargoyle is going on the north quire aisle wall closest to the corner of the two we are replacing there. The carver has taken his inspiration from daubenton’s bats that can be found at Fountain’s Abbey.

I can’t wait for them to come back and see them in the wall. That will be wonderful.