Well I discovered the answer to that especially when it is so high. Put a man on each level and pass the parts down the outside.

It is nice to see some scaffolding coming down. We have finished the repairs on two areas so rather than keep the whole scaffold on hire we can take bits down and use our budgets more effectively.

The east end has been revealed and you can see the new pieces of stone and all the clean and new pointing. That part will be coming right down shortly. Whilst the scaffolding was around that corner we have been able to put netting and spikes over the windows to deter the pigeons. The other evening the scaffolding was covered in pigeons so they have obviously got the message and moved from the east window. In further efforts to spread that message Chapter have agreed to put a peregrine nesting box up near the east end pinnacle. If we get a pair nesting in their in spring and young the pigeon population will go down or move on.

The scaffolders in this picture are taking down the scaffolding that covers the north transept where the stone masons have been working on several areas including the stone pillars that are next to the windows where the pins were rusting and splitting the stone. So new pins and new stone have been put in.

The focus now turns to the buttresses and repairing the worn stone under the arches to make sure they are nice and strong.