One of the peculiarities of clergy life is that when you move job, you move house and church as well at the same time. If moving house is supposed to be one of the stressful things in life, the combination of moving job and place of worship too intensifies the problem.

Yet –despite all the admin of moving house, and leaving my present churches organised – I am very excited about our move to Ripon. We (my husband Dick and our sons Mark and Roger) have had some great times in North Yorkshire and the Dales over the years both on holidays and visiting family as my husband comes from Rothwell, near Leeds. For him it feels like returning to his roots. My roots are further north still, in Dundee where my own family comes from, though I grew up in London and only briefly went to school in Scotland. Later I was a law student in Durham (with a specialist subject in Theakston’s ales!) before practising law in London first in a big City firm and after that with the charity JUSTICE where I worked on miscarriage of justice cases and life sentence issues.

It was my work with prisoners that led me to seek ordination. There’s not space now to explore all of that and I hope, as we get to know each other, I can tell you more about my life. Presently I’m Team Rector in the Parish of Putney where I lead a team of 3 clergy. Putney is an inner-London suburb that started out as a medieval village on the Thames and we have two beautiful, thriving historic churches.

It has been a good, happy place to be but it is also right to move on. Life changes but in the Church of God it is never a complete parting as we always remain rooted in the Body of Christ. I shall look forward to getting to know you all and worshipping with you in the wonderful cathedral. Please pray for Dick and me as we move, as I am praying for you. Even though we have not yet met on one level we already know all that we need to know to pray for each other: that we seek to follow Jesus Christ. The rest is mere detail!