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The Cathedral

Ripon Cathedral has been a centre of Christian faith and worship for over 1300 years.  It provides spiritual sanctuary, refreshment and inspiration for the many thousands of people who visit every year.

We are a resource available to everyone and we are committed to offering free access to all.

Our aim is to ensure that this special place remains in the best possible condition for future generations and continues to benefit all people in ways that are relevant to them.  We simply cannot do this without your generosity.

Your support is vital.  We receive no government funding and rely on donations and legacy gifts to continue our work.  Every donation we receive, however large or small makes a valuable contribution.

A gift in your Will is a wonderful way to help in the way you want to.

How You can help

Recent legacies have funded the commission and installation of a stained glass window, a new silver alms dish which will be used for special services in the Cathedral and the inaugural donation towards the new Music Trust endowment fund will help to support the music for generations to come.  

When the time is right for you to include a gift in your Will, please remember Ripon Cathedral.

You can choose to leave your gift to a specific area of the Cathedral, such as the music, or the building, or to make a general gift to be used where the need is greatest at the time.  

All gifts are generally received and you can choose to support the area of Cathedral life that means the most to you.

The building and its collections

We need to ensure that this building and its collections are here to inspire, welcome and provide a place of spirituality for many generations to come.  The building and its collections range from the stonework and wood carvings to the stained glass windows, the stunning altar frontals and silver used in the services.  In addition, we need to explore sustainable new developments that can add to this and allow us to expand the work we do.

Ripon Cathedral Music Trust

The Music Trust was formed to endow the Cathedral Music for future generations.  The aims of the Trust are to secure and develop the Cathedral’s reputation as a major centre of musical excellence, provide accessible musical training through membership of the Cathedral Choir, develop an inclusive outreach programme to take musical excellence into the region and work in partnership with others who share our passion for music.  Your gift will help to support us in this work.

Lifelong Learning

Thousands of people who are welcomed to the Cathedral every year take away a greater understanding of this beautiful place, its work and the people who have been a living part of it.  Be it through lectures, school visits or tours with our volunteer guides, everyone gets a change to discover something new.

Friends of Ripon Cathedral

The Friends of Ripon Cathedral is a separate charity that provides a focus for those of any faith who cherish this place.  Through the provision of grants for specific projects, the Friends help maintain the building and enhance and develop the experience of all who visit and worship here.  A legacy to the Friends will be administered diligently to ensure it is used in keeping with your wishes.

Ripon Cathedral Development Campaign

The Ripon Cathedral Development Campaign raises regular and long term finance for ongoing fabric restoration projects, and the Music Foundation and education.

A gift to the Development Campaign will help to secure the life and work of the Cathedral for future generations to enjoy.  

Your gift to Ripon Cathedral

Making a Will is a deeply personal matter and whilst it may seem daunting it need not be complicated.

If you are interested in hearing more about how to give a gift to the Cathedral in your Will, please do contact us and we can help you with this

If you have already made a Will and wish to include a gift to the Cathedral we can provide suggested wording.

Your support is always important to us

Please do get in touch you can make all the difference.

Complimentary Membership

As a thank you for their generosity, the Cathedral offer legacy donors a life membership. We would love to talk to you about the benefits you could enjoy through a legacy membership, so please do feel free to contact the Legacy Office at the Cathedral to find out more or you can download a letter of wishes here.

Tax Benefits

Leaving gifts to the Cathedral in your will could help reduce your Inheritance Tax. The current rate of inheritance tax on estates above the threshold is 40%. By leaving more than 10% of the value of your estate to charity, the estate can pay Inheritance Tax at the reduced rate of 36%.

Suggested Wording

Your solicitor should be able to assist with wording, but some examples can be found in the Legacy information pack by downloading here

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Contact Us

Should you wish to speak to us about your legacy gift, please contact 01765 603462 or email [email protected]  and we shall do all we can to assist.