Yesterday saw the local College of Canons meeting at Ripon to catch up and discuss what are the current developments at the Cathedral. The College of Canons are part of the governance of the cathedral helping to oversee the strategy and management. They are there as critical friends for the Chapter. In the new diocese there is now one College of Canons across the three cathedrals who meet once a year but each cathedral has a group of canons who are local to them and have been installed in a seat in the quire.

college of canons 10.6As part of their meeting they heard about the stonework project and took a tour on the scaffolding to see for themselves exactly what was happening and how it was going.

All dressed suitably in hi-vis jackets and hard hats they saw the new pointing and the new stones that have gone into place across the face of the corner. They also heard about the plans to replace three gargoyles.

Dean and Wayne 10.6The Dean took the opportunity to have a lesson in fitting a stone into the wall from Head Mason, Wayne Denny. This was the first time the Dean has ever place a stone in the cathedral’s wall but Wayne has been doing this for most of his working life.

I think we’ll leave the rest for Wayne and his team…