The stone work project has allowed us to commission three new gargoyles. They are now being carved and should hopefully be ready to come back to Ripon and go into the wall at the end of August or early September.

gargoyle hole 24.7Currently we have large holes in the walls where the old gargoyles once were.

Plastic sheeting is guiding the water away from the wall as the gargoyles will do once they are back in place. You can also see some of the new stone on the left side.


martin gargoyle 14.7aThis picture shows one of the gargoyles as it progresses from a large piece of stone to the final version you can see in the drawing. The design of this gargoyle has been taken from the one that was already here as there was clear evidence of the carving still visible but it was fractured and could have failed especially if we have a harsh winter.

This one doesn’t have much stone going into the wall as there is guttering behind the wall so we will need to put a steel strap over the short tail it does have to make sure it stays put. You will see it in the wall on the corner of the north transept just above the window into the Mothers’ Union Chapel once the scaffolding comes down.

The stone for the gargoyles and the parapet is magnesium limestone. We have been working with our colleagues at York Minster to get high quality stone as they have developed lots of expertise in the last few years working on their east parapet 24.7

The masons have carved into it the arrow slits that form part of the parapet.

This stone has also been used to replace the top part of the turret that is in the north east corner.

When you look it up close it reminds me of high quality vanilla ice cream, with its smooth creamy white colour with black flecks through it. The stone however will last a lot longer and should still be up there for a couple of hundred years.