Over the last few days the holes that have appeared in the north east corner are being filled. Stone that has been worn away or damaged over time has been cut out of the wall and is now being replaced. Lots of research has taken place that means the same type of stone that is coming out is going back in. Whilst we don’t have any records of previous repairs done in this corner extensive geological sampling has told us where we should be looking for new stone. Lots of samples from different quarries later and we have three different types of stone going back.

Sean adding stone 31.05Each hole has been accurately measured and the stone cut to the right size. It is then marked up with the place it is going in the wall so the right stone goes in the right place. Both the stone and the hole are then sprayed with water so that neither draw off the moisture from the lime mortar so that it is allowed to dry slowly and not crack and fail.

Each stone has been sandblasted before it goes into the wall to give it a slightly pitted texture to take away the freshly sawn look.

cornice 31.05New pieces of cornice have been carved to match those removed and put into the wall.

The project is progressing well and it is exciting to see the new stone and the fresh mortar going in to repair this corner of the cathedral hopefully for many years to come.