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Curls and claws

If you have been past the Cathedral lately you will have noticed that a large section of scaffolding has come down leaving just the middle section behind. We are waiting for the last of the three gargoyles to arrive and go up before we can take it all down. What this has revealed is the new gargoyle on the corner in all his splendour. When you look up close you can see the curls in …
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Time capsule goes in

This week as the stone work project progresses the Dean put a time capsule into a cavity in the wall for future generations to find. The cavity was discovered as the parapet was repaired and has been created by changes in the building previously that have left a space in the wall. Having discovered this we have taken the opportunity to put in a time capsule containing various items of news about the Cathedral, about …
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Cathedral Remembers “The Few”

This year on the 13th of September, Ripon cathedral is holding a service to commemorate the fact that the “Battle of Britain” happened 75 years ago. During the summer and autumn of 1940, the skies of Britain hummed to the sound of aircraft, vapour trails criss-crossed the skies in lines and Donald Mackay was 8 years old.  Donald, who now lives in Ripon, lived in Tonbridge in Kent, within the sight of RAF Biggin Hill.  …
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A Special Evensong – Cathedral Marks Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch

  On the 9th of September, we will hold a special service to mark the fact that Queen Elizabeth II will have become the longest-serving British Monarch. This date marks the fact that the Queen will have reigned longer than her Great, Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria who reign for 63 years and 216 days. During her time on the throne, the Queen has had a total of 12 Prime Ministers and 6 Archbishops of Canterbury …
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A bat box arrived

This week saw the arrival of a bat in a box. This bat travelled up to us from London carefully strapped into a large box so that it arrived safely. It is the first of three gargoyles we are expecting. We now need to think of a name for it, Bruce or Nora maybe? If you have any ideas do let me know on [email protected]
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Cathedral’s  Millennium cushions hailed as “hidden treasures”

 A group of overseas tourists on a quilting and needlework tour of the north of England have hailed the Millennium cushions in Ripon Cathedral as “hidden treasures worthy of a BBC documentary.” The 23-strong party, mainly Americans but with two Canadians and one Australian, came to see the cushions on August Bank Holiday at the suggestion of the tour organiser, Martha Liska from Olympia, Washington State, who had briefly seen them when she and her sister …
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A panoramic view of a congregation in the nave

Church about the Dale kicks of its pilgrimage at Ripon Cathedral

  Ripon Cathedral is perhaps one of the most Rural Cathedrals in the country and this was heavily in focus on Sunday the 23rd of August when they played a part in a new project that is set to help those who live in Wensleydale. The Church about the Dale project has been set up as an ecumenical project between the Methodist and the Anglican Church.  The project aims to promote social inclusion and the …
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Growing Gargoyles

At the start of the project I knew that there were different types of stone, for example sand stone, lime stone and granite among many others but I didn’t realise just how different the same type of stone could be. As a natural product it can vary enormously and I suppose that is one of the things that makes it so beautiful but also rather challenging. This came into focus the other day when the …
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A Special Visit.

  On Monday the 27th of July a party of 14 Children and their adult helpers were hosted by the Cathedral. The 14 Children that arrived at the Cathedral on a soggy Monday morning were visitors from the area around Chernobyl in Ukraine. Back in 1986 the reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded sending radioactive dust up into the atmosphere polluting massive areas of both the Ukraine and Belarus.  This explosion has left …
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