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Reverend Caitlin: Sermon on the Blessed Virgin Mary

In our service today, we have listened to a revolutionary piece of political writing, a piece of writing so explosive that, during British rule in India, it was prohibited from being sung in church. It was banned by the military Junta of Argentina in the 1970s and by the military dictatorship of Guatemala in the 1980s. People feared it would incite rebellion and could be a danger to the state. I’m talking about the Magnificat, …
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Canon Barry: Corpus Christi

The great feast day of Corpus Christi recognises both the centrality of the Eucharist in the life of God’s Church, and that this wonderful sacrament of Christ’s body and blood sustains and enlivens the Church. The Church believes that at the celebration of the Eucharist that the bread and the wine which we use become, by the prayers of the church and Holy Spirit, the body and blood of Christ and whether you believe that …
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Canon Ailsa: Women in the Pulpit

Today we celebrate the ministry of the whole people of God. That may seem a strange way of putting today’s theme. You may say you thought today was about celebrating the ministry of women….. And yes, we do. We certainly do celebrate the ministry of women. We celebrate the role played by women in preaching and leading worship as we commemorate both the 25th anniversary this year of the ordination of women and the 50th …
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Dean John’s Sermon on Ascension Sunday, in the wake of the Manchester Arena Attacks

The names of the victims of the Manchester Arena attack begin to be disclosed, photographs of their faces are shared. We know the name of the suicide killer, and of others who are suspected of some involvement, including the killer’s father and brother. We are told that there is likely to be a terrorist cell connected with them, and that troops will be on duty outside public buildings that might be vulnerable, including York Minster. …
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Andrew Kitchingman: Stewardship at Ripon Cathedral

Good morning/afternoon everyone. For those who may not know me, my name is Andrew Kitchingman and I have been Canon Treasurer of Ripon Cathedral since my installation this January. I am a chartered accountant by profession with a 30-year career in the City of London now behind me. It is a huge honour to represent the Cathedral as a member of Chapter and equally a great responsibility to manage and improve the finances here during …
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Sunday 7th May: Sermon given during Evensong by Yvonne Jefferies, Cathedral Reader

Give me again the joy of your salvation and sustain me with your gracious Spirit. Psalm 51:7 Last Sunday was a special celebration but also a sad one as our dear Bishop James starts his new phase of ‘retirement’. With him and around him one knew and captured something of the Joy of salvation which is ours – the Gospel treasure we share. I had the privilege of working closely with him just of a weekend …
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