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Dean John

Dean John: Third Sunday of Lent 2017

Yesterday morning, I had the privilege of opening the Sights and Sounds of Ripon. I suppose that could be a confusing statement if you didn’t know that the Sounds and Sights of Ripon is an annual event, organised by the My Neighbourhood team of the District Council. So, this is Harrogate Borough Council and Ripon’s community working together to celebrate and promote some of the attractions and positive dimensions of this ancient city through the …
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Water into Wine – 17th January 2015 – Canon Elizabeth

Isaiah 62:1-5, I Cor 12:1-11. John 2:1-11 Whilst I was at Theological College I shared a house with some fellow students; on the kitchen wall was a postcard which listed ‘10 things that prove Jesus was an OK bloke’.  One of them was ‘He turned water into Chardonnay’. Now I’ve met people who give the impression that Christians never enjoy themselves; that Jesus should have done the reverse at Cana and turned all the wine …
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Presentation in the Temple -Ripon Cathedral Candlemass – 2nd Feb 2016 – Canon Elizabeth

‘A light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel.’ It is Simeon’s acclamation of the Christ when he recognises in the 40 day old Jesus, the fulfilment of God’s age-old promise –light and hope for the whole world, not just the Jews. And so today has two names: Candlemass which celebrates that light for the world and ‘the Presentation’ when Mary and Joseph fulfil God’s ancient law and present their …
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Evensong to mark the 70th Anniversary of Christian Aid – Christine Allen, Christ the King.

It is a great pleasure to be here and to be able to join you for Evensong tonight and to share in this beautiful music and prayer. I am particularly pleased to be joining you in this service to mark the 70th Anniversary of Christian Aid. As someone who is paid for the privilege of working for Christian Aid, I acknowledge with gratitude everything that you do as volunteers for our common cause. Seventy years …
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