Many churches throughout the Ripon Episcopal Area have responded to the earthquakes in Nepal with fundraising and prayer events. Ripon Cathedral has installed a Prayer Landscape as a focus for the prayers of its congregation and visitors. The central tower of the Cathedral (beside which the Prayer Landscape has been set up) was itself the scene of an earthquake in 1450 which caused two 12th century Norman arches and most of the tower to collapse.

imageThe Prayer Landscape features a pale mountain with a red wound winding down it. Onto this wounded landscape, prayers written on ribbons resembling bandages can be left. The vision is that, over the coming weeks, the landscape will gradually be covered in love and prayers. Visitors are invited to read the prayers already left and to say an “Amen” to them, as well as adding their own prayers.

Churches from around the Ripon Area of the Diocese of West Yorkshire & the Dales are invited to add photographs of their own prayer and fundraising events for Nepal. Please contact the Cathedral Office for further information, or simply add photos to the landscape in person.

Nick Morgan, who created the Prayer Landscape, says, “The ribbons, prayer cards and photographs may slide off the landscape, and the collection of prayers may look untidy. This is intentional: a reminder that even in the chaos of a major disaster, God is there in our prayers and actions. We pray for God’s healing love to emerge in the untidiness of the broken human landscape of Nepal.”

The Prayer Landscape will remain in the Cathedral until Sunday 5th July.

image The Landscape also carries prayers provided by the Church of England for those caught up in tragedy and disaster, as well as details of how to support the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal.