If you have walked past the cathedral in the last week or so you will have seen that some of the scaffolding has come down. Most of the work has been completed on the corner especially the work at high level, which meant the windows could be uncovered so the light can stream through them again into St Peter’s chapel. We are still waiting for the last gargoyle to arrive but we did finally find a good piece of stone for that after several attempts so we hope to see that arriving at the end of October.

scaffolding joints 19.09Hidden behind the hoarding are the parts of the scaffolding until it is all collected once we have finished with it. So we have piles of poles and joints that look like some scrap metal merchant’s dream. It is amazing to see how many go into putting up a scaffolding when you see them all piled together.


gargoyle 2 26.09The last week saw the arrival of the second gargoyle. This one has been designed to mimic the one that was removed as there was clear evidence from the carving about what it looked like it but it had fractured so was no longer safe. I’m not sure what creature it is supposed to be but I wouldn’t like to meet it on a dark night so I suppose it does the job of reminding people of the dangers of evil. Although in another light it could be rather cute.

Hopefully early November will see the third gargoyle arrive and then the scaffolding will come down and it will all be revealed.