With the hoarding and scaffolding going up and the noise of stonemasons working in the North East corner anyone could think they have seen it before. A further grant has allowed us to complete the stone repairs to this area of the Cathedral going right up to the roof line this time. So the process starts again, measuring the stones that need replacing and removing the old pointing and putting in the new.

The work has been slightly delayed with problems of people climbing the scaffolding at night which is very dangerous but hopefully some anti-climb paint and assistance from the local police means that has ended.

As the work started properly I went up there to get some images to share with you and found my legs turning to jelly half way up the stair case. I’m not normally bothered by heights so tried to convince myself not to be silly and carried on climbing but a couple of flights later the thought of climbing any higher really made me feel a little perculiar. So no photos that time. I will try again as I will not let it beat me so photos will be coming.