Over the last week the old gargoyles came out. They nearly all made it in one piece except one lost its head.

sick woman 29.6It is only when these stones are out of the wall can you appreciate how large these stones actually are. This one standing on it’s tail is about 1.5m tall. It does make you wonder how they got them in place when they were first carved. I’m sure pulleys came into it somewhere but those men must have been very strong, and I’d hate to think of the accidents that probably happened.

gargoyle stone 29.6It is now the time for our new carvers to make their mark on the Cathedral and make us some new gargoyles. This very large piece of magnesium limestone, that came to us from York Minster is going down to London to be turned into a bat.

The completed bat and the other two new gargoyles will be coming back once they have been finished in late August to go back into the wall for all to see. Hopefully they will be up there for many years to come watching over the city.