In the cathedral over the bank holiday weekend were six designs competing against each other to be the ones who would be created to become the new additions to the north east corner. The new gargoyles will be replacing two that the rain and wind have worn away over the hundreds of years they have been there.

The judges gathered on the Monday morning and viewed the designs, much discussion and deliberation followed. The designers had made the decision a tough one. In the end the two winners were chosen.


Alan 17.5

This is ‘A Sick Woman’ by Alan Micklewaite




Tom 17.5


and this one is a bat by Tom Nicholls, inspired by the bat species that live out at Fountains Abbey that was originally founded by monks from Ripon Minster.


Congratulations to the winners and all the shortlisted finalists. We hope to be able to film the carvers at work as they create the new gargoyles so do keep an eye out for that come the autumn.