Over the bank holiday weekend in the cathedral there will be a display of the six designs that are competing for the honour of carving a new gargoyle for the cathedral.

As part of the stone work project we are replacing two gargoyles which have worn away over the many years they have been on that corner of the cathedral. To help us with this we have asked carvers from around the country to put forward their thoughts for what should replace them. We have whittled the designs down to a final six and these designs will be on show in the cathedral over this weekend.

The carvers have been asked to put forward designs that will be in keepigargoyle 10.4ng with the other gargoyles around the cathedral. This is one of the gargoyles that is being replaced as you can hardly see the features of what was once a beautiful face.

On Monday a judging panel will be coming together to view the designs. The panel includes expert master carvers and other experts as well as the Dean and the Mayor. They will be viewing the designs in the morning and then making an announcement of the winners at the beer festival at 12 noon. The carvers will then have until the end of August to complete the carving and the new gargoyles will then go up on the cathedral in early September.

glasses 30.4Gargoyles aren’t the only carving that appears on the cathedral. This face is one of those above the parapet on the north east corner. He looks out over the city with real glass in his glasses. Stone masons over the years have had a chance to leave their mark on the cathedral with these small funny carvings several of which can be seen around the inside of the cathedral as well as the outside.


colin gargoyle 30.4

This more traditional gargoyle is just above where the stone masons are working now and was added in more recent repairs so you can still see the fine carving and beautiful design.

Did you know that the gargoyles tended to be images of beasts and monsters as they were there not only to spit water away from the cathedral but also to remind people of the presence of evil?

Do come in to the cathedral over the weekend and see the designs that are competing for the honour of being the next gargoyles to go onto the cathedral.